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Non-Antibacterial Implications of Tetracyclines in the Management of Periodontitis: An Update

Non-Antibacterial Implications of Tetracyclines in the Management of Periodontitis: An Update

Recent research has shown that the majority of the soft and hard tissue destruction in periodontitis occurs due to activated host immuneinflammatory defence mechanisms in response to bacterial plaque. The importance of the host inflammatory response in periodontal pathogenesis presents opportunity for exploring new treatment strategies for periodontitis by means of host modulation. One of such treatment strategy is the use of drugs like Chemically Modified Tetracyclines, which are derivatives of tetracycline group of antibiotics, but lack antimicrobial action and have potent host modulating properties. The main advantage of Chemically Modified Tetracyclines over conventional tetracyclines is that they do not produce the side effects such as gastro-intestinal toxicity and antibiotic resistance.


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