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Non-formal CNE program barriers to participation: A comparative study among hospital nurses of two provinces in Pakistan

Rapid scientific and technological discoveries have increased demands of specialized nursing care. Knowledge and skills can be restored by engaging nurses in a set amount of continuing nursing education (CNE) program activities. Literature suggested that degree or license is not the end point of education after basic nursing study. Apparently, basic nursing education for practice becomes obsolete within five to ten years of graduation. This obsolescence can lead to the poor performance of nurses in clinical practice. Therefore, study was designed to investigate and compare barriers to participation among hospital nurses of two provinces in Pakistan. Cross sectional descriptive study approach used to collect data through convenience sampling technique of three hundred (n=300) nurses. “Barriers to Participation Questionnaire” (BPQ) was used as research tool. Quantitatively, result interpretation was set as “the lower the mean score in each type of barrier, higher the barrier was measured due to reverse Likert scale rating. Generally, administrative barrier was found higher and most prevalent barrier, work-related barrier was more predictive and financial barriers as predicting barrier as compare to family and personal barrier. Data also revealed that Punjab nurses have greater administrative with mean score of 2.16±0.87 and work-related barriers with mean score of 2.43±0.81 than the nurses from Sindh province with mean score of 2.26±0.75 and 2.81±0.90. Regarding financial barrier, both provincial nurses have equal level barriers than the family and personal barriers among nurses of two provinces. To keep nurses connected with advanced knowledge in rapidly changing health care environment, more opportunities of non-formal CNE programs should be provided for all employed nurses in all provinces.

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