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Nonlinear Predictive Control of a Power Parallel Active Filter for Harmonic Compensation

This article presents the modelling and design of nonlinear predictive control of a power active filter. The dynamic modelling is based on the abc-dq transformation. The reference harmonic component are extracted from nonlinear load current detected by applying the method of the synchronous reference frame, where a three phase inverter made of diode bridge with an RL load is taken as the nonlinear load. The injected currents by the active filter are controlled in the synchronous orthogonal dq reference by the use of a nonlinear model predictive control based on differential geometry and the diffeomorphism. The level of the voltage on the Dc side is control by the use of a PI regulator and is used as voltage reference for the SVPWM. The SVPWM is used here to generate the control output to the voltage inverter. The simulation results show a good performance for constant load and for variable one also.

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