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Optical Fiber Laser Polaristrobometers and SpectroPolaristrobometers Based on Pr3+-Doped Laser Sources as a Possible Compact Alternative to the Old Type Polaristrobometers Based on Huge Low-Pressure (Mono-chromatic) SodiumVapor Gas-Discharge Lamps

From the pioneering work of H. Wild it is known that the most useful light source for polaristrobometers is a low-pressure sodium-vapor gas-discharge lamp. The high intense yellow band in the emission spectrum of this “pseudo-monochromatic” light source is the atomic sodium D-line (λ=589 nm), comprising about 90% of the visible light emission for this lamp type.
But low pressure sodium lamps require an outer vacuum envelope around the inner discharge tube for thermal isolation, and early models of such light sources had a detachable Dewar jacket. But this can significantly increase the size of polaristrobometers which contradictsthe requirements for the modern microminiaturized analytical
systems (including microfluidic lab-on-a-chip constructions).

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