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Optimization of ProcessParameters for Cellulase Free Xylanase Production by Bacillusamyloliquefaciens SH8 in Submerged Fermentation Using Response Surface Methodology

A potential xylanase producing bacterial strain was isolated from compost and identified as Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SH8 using 16S rRNA gene technique and deposited in NCBI gene bank vide accession number JX 129360.1. The aim of this study was to enhance xylanase production by optimizing various process parameters through the statistical approach under submerged fermentation from this isolate. The significant process parameters influencing enzyme production were first identified using Plackett- Burman design. Among the 19 variables screened, tryptone, NH4Cl, CaCl2 and ZnSO4 were found to be most significant. The optimum levels of these four parameters were determined employing the response surface central composite design (CCD). A maximum xylanase activity of 65.10 IU/ml had been obtained with 2% NH4Cl, 9% tryptone, 0.2% CaCl2 and 0.2% ZnSO4.

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