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Orange Coloured Urine Following a Lower Segment Cesarean Section: A Case Report

Presence of high colored urine is an indicator of a systemic abnormality, most of genitourinary. The other causes could point out to hepatic abnormalities, resulting in a coagulation dysfunction. However, it is uncommon to find a post partum case of high colored urine in the absence of any local or systemic pathology. This study reports a rare case of orange coloured urine in a 25 year old lady on the first day of Lower Segment Cesarean Section. The primi, reported a history of recurrent urinary tract infections and she was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension during her antenatal period. Following admission at 36 weeks, she delivered through LSCS a normal 2.2 kg weighing baby with a good APGAR. On the first post operative day, she reported orange discoloration of her urine. Routine blood investigations revealed normal renal, hepatic and coagulation profiles. A urine analysis and culture revealed presence of urinary infection with Klebsiella pneumonia. On treatment with sensitive antibiotics, the discoloration disappeared and the urine was free of bacteria. The mechanism of high colored urine was proposed to be due to the presence of indirubin, as a result of breakdown of tryptophan by the bacteria in an alkaline environment. This case report elucidates the need for constant vigil for an early diagnosis in order to prevent complications.

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