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Orofacial characteristics of oral and oronasal respirators caracteristicas miofuncionais orofaciais de respiradores orais eoronasais

Purpose: to compare the variables of the Orofacial Assessment with Orophilic Scores between nasal, oral and oronasal respirators. Methods: sample consisting of three distinct groups subdivided into nasal, oral and oronasal respirators, with ages ranging from 6 to 12 years of both genders. The characteristics of the orofacial musculature were measured using the protocol. Results: there was a significant difference between oral and oronasal breathers compared to nasal (p: 0.0007) in specific variables such as palatal conformation (p: 0.0073); (p: 0.0111) and lip (p: 0.0451), with a significant difference between the evaluated groups, this was also observed for the total protocol score (p: 0.0007) and posture / 0.0073), where the nasal respirator differs from the oral and oronasal, the latter being similar. As for lip mobility (p: 0.0451) and tongue (p: 0.0111), the groups studied presented different results among themselves. Conclusion: when comparing the groups of RO and RON in relation to the variables of the AMIOFE protocol, it was verified that there was no statistically significant difference between these two groups, which allows us to conclude that the orofacial myofunctional behavior between RO and RON in this research, was similar.

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