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Outcome of my aponeurotic blepharoptosis

Introduction: Recently, aponeurotic blepharoptosis has been shown to cause symptoms of unknown origin, like headache, shoulder stiffness, and wakefulness. a complete of 366 patients World Health Organization had aponeurotic blepharoptosis underwent a surgical operation. Among them, 224 answered a form preoperatively and at the primary week and third months postoperatively, investigating the symptoms and their improvement.

Results: Headache and significant eyelids improved in nearly 100% of the patients, and shoulder stiffness and wrinkles within the forehead improved in >75% of patients. However, constipation and wakefulness didn't considerably improve.

Discussion: Symptoms of unknown origin caused by aponeurotic blepharoptosis unremarkably occur within the skin, sinew membrane, and nerve. Surgical intervention extremely improved symptoms within the skin and sinew membranes however not within the nerve. Therefore, these aspects ought to be properly explained preoperatively to patients with aponeurotic blepharoptosis. This study according to the improvement of symptoms of unknown origin caused by aponeurotic blepharoptosis with many issues.

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