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Outcome of Therapy in HCV Patients in a Public Health Tertiary Care Center


To find the outcome of therapy in HCV reactive patients. To study gender, age group of patients received therapy. Genotypes based on treatment outcome, patients achieved SVR, type of HCV therapy, outcome of HCV therapy based on weeks and adverse effects. Previous studies shown, PINFA-2a was treatment of choice for HCV and our new findings were PINFA-2A+RIBA treatment outcome and their success rate, treatment failure and relapse. Percentage of patients achieved SVR and treatment outcome based on weeks.

Methods: 187 patients received therapy for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital-Chennai. Patient’s samples were collected, tests performed and recorded. Real Time-Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was done in the 4th week, 12th, 24th and 48th week.

Results: 187 eligible patients [M-77% and F-23%] received treatment. Age groups [M-40-50, F-30-40]. PINFA-2a+RIBA were common. Pegylated-interferon-α-2a + ribavirin (PINFA-2a+RIBA) Based on treatment outcome, patients were categorized into 3 groups (treatment success group, relapse and treatment failure). Overall treatment success rate were 76.5%, treatment failure were 5.9% and relapse cases were 17.6%. In both gender genotype-1 was in higher number. Achieved SVR,(genotype-1-73.5%, genotype-2-100%, genotype-3-76.9% and genotype-4-93.3%).Treatment success rate dropped in 24 th week, higher number relapse in 24th week and treatment failure in 24 th week. 40.6% achieved TND in 12th week of treatment, 26.1% in 4th, 20.8% and 12.5% in the weeks of 24 and 48 respectively. 96.5% no side effects. 2.7% had abdominal pain and 0.7% vomiting.

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