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Pattern of Lipid Profile in Pregnancy and its Impact on the Gestational Course

Background: Major changes in lipid profile occur during normal pregnancy with significant correlation could be detected with gestational complications.

Objective: We aimed to screen lipid profile in a sample of Egyptian pregnant and assess the correlation between second trimester maternal lipid profile and gestational outcome.

Methods: This cohort study included 94 women with maternal lipid profile assessed during the second trimester (16-18 weeks). Serial antenatal visits were conducted to record the development of maternal gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus and low birth weight.

Results and discussion: Lipid profile components in pregnant is higher than normal references. Meanwhile, gestational hypertension (GH) was the most common complication in the study affecting 13 patients (13.8%) followed by preeclampsia (PE) in 8 patients (8.5%), gestational DM (GDM) in 7 patients (7.4%) and lastly low birth weight in 4 neonates (4.3%). Positive association between second trimester lipid profile components and GH, PE and GDM was found.

Conclusion: Measurement of lipid profile during the second trimester is highly recommended and could be a useful predictor of hypertensive disorders and GDM among Egyptian women.

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