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Pediatric Mandibular fractures

The Mandibular Fractures are the most common injuries of Facial Skeleton in younger patients.  39 percent of injuries involve Mandibular fracture in the entire maxillofacial skeleton because of its unique architecture. The most common sites are Mandibular Condyles, parasymphysis, Body and angle of the mandible. The pattern of Craniomaxillofacial fractures in pediatric patients varies from evolving age and dependent on socioeconomic factors. However Principles of treating younger patients and the adult patients remains same i.e. anatomic reduction and stabilizing the fractures leading to the union of the bones. Moreover   the techniques in children are necessarily modified by certain anatomical, physiological and psychological factors but recognition of some of the differences between children and their adult counterparts is important in long-term esthetic and functional facial rehabilitation as effect of injury, treatment provided has a great influence on their ensuing growth.

My presentation aims to cover preferable options for the management of mandibular fractures in pediatric patients.

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