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Pentalogy of Cantrell: A Case Report Diagnosed Using Antenatal Ultrasound in Conakry (Guinea)

Optimal Characteristics of an Obstetric Anesthesia Paper vs. Electronic Hand-Off Tool

Pentalogy of Cantrell (PC) is a rare multiple malformative syndrome which combines five fetal malformations. We report a case of Pentalogy of Cantrell in its complete form associated with a labio palatine cleft diagnosed using an antenatal ultrasound in a context of premature rupture of membrane at 24 gestational weeks. The spontaneous vaginal delivery had resulted in the birth of a female stillborn infant. The post mortem examination had confirmed the antenatal diagnosis as enabled to objectify a right talipes équinovarus. The fetal prognosis, which is poor, must be explained to the patient in order to make a decision of medical termination of pregnancy.

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