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Performance Factor Assessment Method for Projection of General Assembly Line in Garment Manufacture

Assembly line balancing problems are still present in garment manufacturing, especially so because of the difficulty to take into account all the relevant factors affecting the balance of the line. This may be the main reason why many of the studies related to the simulation of assembly lines are incomplete in terms of the representation of a general yet complete picture that can reflect the real assembly line balancing situation in garment production. This research aims to fill the gap by proposing a performance factor assessment method: this aims to analyse all the factors influencing assembly line balancing and group them according to whether they add value to the final product or not. Results show that bundle manipulation – with an 8.7% occurrence – is a critical necessary non-value added activity that significantly affects assembly line performance and therefore needs to be eliminated. This method of analysis can be applied to other sectors of garment production regardless of product type or working conditions.

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