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Performance Study of Novel Designed Hybrid WDM System

Performance Study of Novel Designed Hybrid WDM System

This article presents investigation of the proposed hybrid WDM scheme with mixed data rates (10 and 20 Gbps), different modulation schemes and unequal channel spacing (100 GHz/50GHz). The investigated hybrid system consists of five transmitters and each transmitter has four channels having total capacity of twenty channels. Numerous optical modulators such as linear modulator, DPSK modulator, Sin2 modulator, Dual Arm Balanced and unbalanced MZM have been implemented on the transmission links. The simulated results depicted excellent performance with linear modulator, phase modulator while unbalanced MZM has showed degraded transmission performance for arbitrarily selected transmission distances 200 km, 320 km and 360 km. Hence, the study of hybrid WDM system illustrates that it can be capable scheme for further augment in spectral efficiency and significant viable option for the present and future active, passive optical networks.

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