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Physical growth trend on the fringe of the dhaka south city: a case study of saddam market area, kadamtali

This paper may be considered as a complete sketch that is
based on remote sensing data and field work carried out in
Saddam market area located in Kadamtali Thana, Dhaka South
City Corporation. Uneven land reform and entangled land-use
regulations are extensively regarded as the key to urban
growth in large cities in Bangladesh. Although the significance
of land issues has been substantially recognized, conflicts
regarding land finance seem to be a generally under-evaluated
factor in explaining the phenomenon of urban growth. This
study conducted an extensive literature research and proposed
a conceptual framework to demonstrate the effects of land use
incentives on urban growth in Bangladesh.
Urban growth in Bangladesh manifests in multiple forms, such
as unplanned building structure, high density residential
communities that are continuous from existing urban centers,
and chaotic peripheral-urban informal development. These
forms of urban growth may be closely associated with failures
in government and market forces under the land financial
incentives. The causes of urban growth were highlighted from
the inherent impulses and conflicts of land finance. In the
recent past this area was rural type but with the progression of
time and the facilities of the transportation systems this area
has become a sprawl of the city.
This report tries to find how the urban growth of the Dhaka city
has been followed by this peripheral city area and how this
impacts on the social, economic political and environmental
sectors. From the summary findings it will assume the
reduction in agricultural and vegetation area and increase in
structural settlements and other structural developments.

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