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Poisoning of Cattle Feeding on Allium ampeloprasum (Egyptian kurrat)

Poisoning of Cattle Feeding on Allium ampeloprasum (Egyptian kurrat)

Ten days after ingesting a large quantity of Allium ampeloprasum (kurrat), 10 one-year-old calves and 2 eight-year-old cows in a group of cattle were referred for voiding dark-red urine, generalized jaundice, anemic or icteric mucous membranes, lack of appetite, and lethargy. Hematologically, Heinz bodies – hemolytic anemia, polychromasia, anisocytosis and leukocytosis were detected. Biochemically, higher serum transaminases activities and bilirubin, urea and uric acid levels were detected. As well as, an induced lipid peroxidation and a perturbed antioxidant system; decreased glutathione level, and glutathione reductase and catalase activities were significantly detected. The treatment regimen of the poisoned animals included the parenteral administration of fluids, phosphorous and vitamins, and recovery occurred within one week after initiating the treatment. This is the first report describing Allium ampeloprasum toxicity in cattle with special reference to oxidative status.

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