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Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome- Role of Preservation of Intercostobrachial Nerve: A Retrospective Analysis in Breast Cancer Patients in Jharkhand

Background: Post mastectomy pain syndrome is experienced by 20 to 30 % patient after breast surgery. Sectioning of the intercostobrachial nerve during breast surgeries is thought to be dominant cause this chronic neuropathic pain. We evaluate the role of preservation of intercostobrachial nerve in post mastectomy pain syndrome.

Method: Twenty patients were retrospectively divided into two groups. 08 patients in group A underwent preservation of intercostobrachial nerve and in Group B which included 12 patients nerve was sectioned. Pain assessment was done subjectively on 3 months and 6 months post-operatively by visual analogue scale.

Results: The average time taken for surgery in group a patient was 90 minutes and in group B was 82 minutes. The BMI was also slightly higher in group B patients. Difference in pain score was not stastically significant at the end of three months (p=0.052); however the difference in pain score was stastically significant at the end of 6 months (p=0.027) between the groups.

Conclusion: Preservation of intercostobrachial nerve prevents post mastectomy pain syndrome; however larger randomized studies are required for further verification of results.

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