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Precoccygeal Epidermoid Cyst: A rare Cause of Low Back Pain

A rare pathological entity of retro-rectal space is the formation of tumors (mass lesions), which arise from the surrounding tissues. Usually, the retro-rectal tumor formations appear to be asymptomatic for a long period of time. When a patient is symptomatic, s/he most commonly complains about sacral and coccygeal pain (coccygodynia). In our study, we reported a case of patient with precoccygeal epidermoid cyst who was presented with typical low back pain. In conclusion we can state that precoccygeal epidermoid cyst is an extremely rare pathological condition, which although can be the cause of LBP. So, it must be included in the group of the rare causes of LBP and each physician must always be suspicious of such a case, following the diagnostic algorithm.

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