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Prediction of International tourism By Analyzing Employers in Indonesia From 2004 – 2017

: Individuals become tourists when they voluntarily leave their normal surroundings, where they reside, to visit another environment, these individuals will usually engage in different activities, regardless of how close or how far this environment (destination) is Therefore, tourists are visitors, and what they you do whilst visiting another place may be considered as tourism. Back in 1963, the United Nations Conference on International Travel and Tourism agreed to use the term ‘visitors’ (other than residents) to describe individuals visiting another country. an employer is comprised of the owners of a private, for-profit organization, or those who control a non-profit or public sector organization. Executive, managerial, and supervisory employees are also often considered part of an ‘employer’ as they frequently act as an agent of their employer in managing other employees. Employers are typically modeled as maximizing profits. This study uses simple linear regression analysis to predict and predict changes in the value of certain variables when other variables change. Correlation is one of the statistical analysis techniques used to find the relationship of how strong the relationship between one variable with other variables that are quantitative. By using a linearity test where f-count > f-tabel is 886.2824822 > 3.885 Then, Ho is rejected. This means that a simple linear regression analysis can be used to predict Employee Fluctuations, the total (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate) by analyzing the rate of International tourism, expenditures (current US $) in Indonesia. Obtained a simple linear regression equation is Y = 2.447596544 + 9.03792E-11X, the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variable above is 0.672965 with the correlation is good correlation, the scale ranges from 0.55 to 0.75. ie where t-count > t-table = 3.151680 > 2.179, then Ho is rejected, meaning that there is a large (significant) influence between the Employers on the rate of International tourism, expenditure (current US $) in Indonesia, the higher the Employers then the greater the International tourism, expenditure (current US $) in the State of Indonesia.

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