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Present status of Fire Blight Caused by Erwinia amylovora on Quince Trees in the Republic of Macedonia

Erwinia amylovora, causal agent of fire blight disease, is an important and destructive bacterial pathogen, mainly on Rosaceae family such as pears, apples and quinces. Present status of E. amylovora, isolated from quince trees (Cydonia oblonga) from different localities in the Republic of Macedonia, included the period 2015-2016, are presented in this study. Severe occurrence of symptomatic quince threes, was recorded in almost all observing localities in Macedonia. After blooming period appeared first symptoms, most expressed symptoms were recorded during intensive growth of shoots. Some resulted from isolated strains elicted HR in tobacco, necrosis of pear seedlings and immature pear fruits. Strains have several biochemical characteristics typical and compare with positive control, such as: non-fluorescent, produce levan; oxidase negative, catalase positive; hydrolysis of gelatine positive; esculin and starch tests were negative; strains metabolise sucrose, sucrose, fructose and galactose, etc. Amplification of total DNA with PCR followed by agarose electrophoresis, originating from quince showed indistinguishable PCR patterns for all investigated native strains that were identical with European reference strains (LMG 1883). The aim of this study was to: i) check the status of E. amylovora on quince and ii) laboratory diagnostics and determination of isolated strains. The importance of the results is that disease incidence is sporadic and crop damages are of medium economic significance and it’s important to know that E. amylovora is present on quince only to be careful of serious outbreaks of fire blight on quince in Macedonia..

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