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Prevalence of Hepatitis A Virus Antibodies among Natives in South-Western Region of Nigeria

Background: Hepatitis A is caused by Hepatitis A virus and it is not clinically distinguishable from other types of acute viral hepatitis. Hepatitis A occurs sporadically and epidemically worldwide, it is prevalent in the region of the world with poor sanitation culture and not enough safe drinking water. The intent of this study is to report the sero-prevalence of Hepatitis A virus antibodies in a suburb area in South-West, Nigeria.

Method: Six hundred and sixty six apparently healthy individuals were tested for Hepatitis A virus antibodies using Elisa method.

Result: The prevalence of hepatitis A virus antibodies is 82.3% in the population. Conclusion: Hepatitis A is highly endemic in Nigeria suburb; there is a need for an improved sanitary culture and supply of safe drinking water in our community.

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