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Prevalence of Institutional Delivery Service Utilization and Associated Factors among Women of Child Bearing Age in Tahtay Adiabo District, North West Ethiopia, 2014

Background: The world health organization (WHO) estimate that about 536,000 women of reproductive age die each year from pregnancy related complications. In addition in Ethiopia Delivery attended by health professionals was poor where most deliveries occur at home, they are attended by non-professional personals. This situation very well explains the high MMR in Ethiopia.
Method: Community based cross- sectional study was conducted on Women of reproductive age groups who gave birth within 5 years preceding the survey. Study was conducted from March 14 to 23, 2014 in Tahtay-Adiabo district of the North West regional sate of Tigray. Systematic random sampling technique was used to select samples. Data was collected by structured questionnaire and edited and tallied and analyzed for percentage, frequency by dummy table. Cross tabulation was performed on variables to compare & explore relationships. Statistical analysis was made by chi square.
The prevalence of institutional delivery service utilization was 16.22%. The majority of the mothers 83.78% were giving birth at home. Among 83.78% clients, who gave birth at home 42.74% of them were attended by trained traditional birth attendants and so no need to go to health institution, 28.22% of them stated their reason for home delivery as sudden onset of labor, 4.84% of them as had no previous history of difficulty in birth and 24.19% as lack of transport. Mother’s preference, always passing through normal labor and Economical problem were some of the reasons mothers reported not to give birth in health institution.
Conclusion: Presence of trained birth attendants at home, sudden onset of labour, no previous history of difficult labour, lack of transport are associated with low prevalence of institutional delivery service utilization.

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