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Preventive measures for SARs-Cov-2

The population of 168 countries everywhere the planet is battling the outbreak of COVID-19. The outbreak is said as pandemic and public health emergency of international concern declared by WHOM. SARS-CoV-2 liable for this health emergency exhibited close resemblance with SARS-CoV. Both the viruses are zoonotic and belong to an outsized family of viruses Coronaviridae. the entire virus particle is formed from four major structural proteins, namely spikes (S), nucleocapsid (N), membrane (M), and envelope (E) encoded by virus genome. The S protein of virus shows similarity to S protein of SARS-CoV. COVID-19 spreads from person to person, and this makes it more vulnerable for causing infection. Several efforts are taken to seek out prevention strategies for COVID-19. Researchers across the world are working to seek out effective vaccination for SARS-CoV-2. There’s no vaccine or medication available till date for COVID-19. Preventive measures like social distancing, awareness, maintenance of hygiene, isolation, and movement restrictions can help on top of things of COVID-19 spread. Proper sanitization and cleaned and sanitized conveyance are often effective in inhibiting the spread of the virus. Within the present situation of medical emergency, cooperation and support by following advices from the WHO and government only facilitate everyone to return over.

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