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Production of Biofilm In Vitro by Candida Species and its Inhibition from Natural Product

Candida species appear as a nosocomial fungal pathogen that causes infection predominantly in the individual having impaired immune system. It is the cause of invasive candidiasis with numerous cases reported among leukemia patients, after bone marrow transplantation. It naturally shows resistance from fluconazole, an antifungal agent which is prescribed frequently. The mortality rate caused by C. krusei is greater than the C. albican which is more common. Other Candida species that are similar to the profile of C. krusei are C. glabrata, C. parapsilosis, C. guillermondii, C. rugosa, and C. tropicalis. The collection of the samples (n=50) was made by using Hi Chrome Candida differential agar medium. The presence of biofilm formation was identified by 96-well microplates by using Congo red agar and the test tube method. The inhibition of biofilm was performed by using garlic, ginger, and vinegar with different concentrations. Biofilm formation by 96-well micro titer plate showed positive results. The inhibition of biofilm of C. krusei by using different concentrations of ginger and vinegar showed higher activity against the biofilm while the garlic showed lower activity. The purpose of the study is to check the capability of biofilm formation of C. krusei and other Candida species and analysis of the antifungal activity of natural products such as; garlic, ginger, and vinegar against the biofilm of Candida species.

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