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Protection against P. multocida B:2 using Recombinant 87kDa OMP Periplasmic Protein

Protection against P. multocida B: 2 using Recombinant 87kDa OMP Periplasmic Protein

To clone and express Pasteurella. multocida (P. multocida) encoding 87 kDa omp gene in prokaryotic (secretory) vector and to study the immunogenicity of expressed protein.The genomic DNA was isolated from P. multocida B:2. Specific primers were designed to suite secretory prokaryotic vector system. PCR amplified gene was cloned in pGEMT-EASY vector (Promega, USA) and subcloned into pBAD/gIIIA prokaryotic expression vector. The protein was purified and Passive mouse protection test challenge was conducted in mice.

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