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Pulmonotoxicity in Response to Occupational Exposure to a Mixture of Pesticides

 Pulmonotoxicity in Response to Occupational Exposure to a Mixture of Pesticides

Objective: pesticides are chemical compounds used against vectors of human and animal diseases as well as plant pests. This cross sectional analytical study was undertaken to assess pulmonary reactions, if any, associated with occupational exposure to pesticides in a local pesticide formulating plant. Methods: a group of 75 exposed employees from a pesticide formulating company and 86 unexposed referent subjects from a paperboard recycling factory were investigated. A standard questionnaire used to determine the prevalence of respiratory symptoms. Additionally, the parameters of pulmonary function were measured three times for the exposed individuals: 1) before beginning of shift following a 48 hour exposure-free period, 2) Immediately after the end of shift, and 3) after 3 consecutive days of exposure. The tests were also performed once for the controls. Data was analyzed using version 16.0 of SPSS on a personal computer. Results: significant decrements were noted in some parameters of pulmonary function after exposure. Similarly, mean values of all parameters of pulmonary functions, both prior to and after exposure were significantly lower than those of referent individuals. The prevalence of respiratory symptoms such as cough, phlegm and wheezing in the exposed group were significantly higher than those of referent subjects.

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