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Qualitative Analysis of Open- Ended Questions to Define Awareness of Ethical Fashion in Romania

This research focuses on consumer behaviour analysis of Romanians as there is a lack of knowledge about their awareness of ethical fashion. The fashion industry and its concept of fast fashion, have negative impacts on the environment and society. The concept of slow or ethical fashion evolved, but consumer behaviour is important to reduce the impacts. Research in consumer behaviour aims at identifying consumer attitudes and consumption patterns. To understand customers and their expectations are increasingly important for the fashion business. This approach can analyse consumer awareness of ethics in fashion among Romanians from
an everyday perspective. The author conducted a cross-sectional study, a semi-structured focus group discussion with twenty participants during an organised workshop at a Romanian university using the city of Iasi exemplarily to represent a greater urban area. The dynamic panel discussions stimulated the data collection, including the author as a moderator directing the conversation. Simultaneously, a survey containing qualitative items, i.e., six openended questions, was carried out. This paper discusses findings from this qualitative analysis, focusing on phrases and words most commonly mentioned by the respondents. Data is based on fourteen participants to gather the perception and knowledge of the ethical fashion concept. Results of this empirical social research show that the responses support the theory of ethical fashion, but awareness is limited, and barriers towards sustainable consumption exist, this aligns with existing literature. This study serves as a preliminary research revealing a variety of conclusions and can be useful for further quantitative survey design.  

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