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Radiofrequency Coblation for Treatment of Vocal Cords Leukoplakia

Radiofrequency Coblation for Treatment of Vocal Cords Leukoplakia

Background: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the use of radiofrequency coblation surgery as a practical alternative to conventional surgery of vocal cords leukoplakia.

Methods: Ninety-five patients affected by vocal cords leukoplakia were enrolled. Vocal cords leucoplakia was initially diagnosed by laryngoscopy and successively confirmed by radiofrequency coblation excision for histologic assessment. All the patients were subjected to voice assessment and the Jitter, Shimmer, F0, MPT and DSI values were used as sensitive indicators for voice assessment of patients with vocal cords leucoplakia.

Results: The mean leukoplakia resection time was 23.14 ± 5.36 minutes. 83 (87.37%) patients were “clinically” healed as 78.95% (75/95) the histological results shows chronic mucosal inflammation or squamous epithelial hyperplasia without dysplasia, as well as 8 (8.42%) patients with mild dysplasia. Conclusions: Radiofrequency coblation is a useful surgical technique, as effective as, or even superior to, other surgical techniques when dealing with patients suffering from vocal cords leukoplakia with potentially fewer adverse effects and subsequent improved quality of life for patients.

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