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Relationship among Change of Direction Performance, Muscular Power and Sprint Speed in Female and Male Elite Soccer Players

We aimed to identify useful parameters to develop an effective fitness training strategy for senior female soccer players. Hence, we examined the change of direction performance (CODp), sprint speed, muscular power, and anthropometric data among female soccer players, and compared the findings with those from similar tests applied in male soccer players. Thirty-three female and forty male soccer players from the top Japanese league were examined. The differences between elite vs. sub-elite players and playing position were assessed, and simple correlation coefficients between motor performance and anthropomorphic parameters were analyzed. As a result, elite male and female players had better CODp and muscular power than sub-elite players. Elite male players had higher sprint speed than sub-elite players (p<0.01), regardless of position. However, in female players, the sprint speed was dependent on position. A large difference in the effect size for sprint speed was observed between female forwards (FW) and midfielders (MF) (d=0.85) and defenders (DF) (d=1.00) (FW

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