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Remote monitoring of solar photovoltaic panel using gsm and iot

In this paper, a method for remote monitoring and analysing of photovoltaic panels using IoT is illustrated. Photovoltaic panel is a device which converts light energy into electricity. The proposed design is used for remote monitoring based on current, voltage, temperatue and humidity measurement and alerting at the time of fault. The transmission among the photovoltaic panels and server is performed by IoT Internet of Things.The current, voltage, temperature and humidity data are processed by Microcontroller unit MCU .The measured data are transferred to hosting server using wireless Transmission. At first, the light energy from photovoltaic cell is converted into electricity power. Then measuring the current, temperature, humidity and voltage using sensors. The value of current, temperature, humidity and voltage are monitored and sent to the Iot Module, then the Iot module stores the data.This system is more time efficient than existing methods for remote monitoring system for photovoltaic panels and it sends a message to user via sms at the time of abnormality fault in the system.

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