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Resistance Training, Recovery and Genetics: AMPD1 the Gene for Recovery

Genetics play a major role in every aspect of our lives; they determine our hair colour, eye colour, height, disease risks, gifts and some of our mannerisms. As such they also play a large function in our response to exercise and physical stressors. The gene AMPD1 is a protein coding gene, encoding adenosine monophosphate deminase 1. AMPD1 catalyses the deamination (the removal of an amine group from a molecule) of AMP to IMP in skeletal muscle, deficiency of the AMPD1 enzyme is a common cause of exercise-induced myopathy and probably the most common cause of metabolic myopathy. It appears that those with at least one T variant in AMPD1 (rs17602729) require longer rest periods between bouts of weight training, require longer between sessions and have increased perceived pain post training.

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