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Resuable Pectinase Nano Polymeric Particles

Pectinase or pectinolytic enzymes are the group of enzymes that degrade the pectin substances.They have great importance in food industry especially for the production of clear fruit juice. In this study, a new method has been developed for hydrolysis of pectin by using nano pectinase particles in hydrolysis of pectin. At the first step of the study, nano pectinase particles have been synthesized according to Amino Acid (monomer) Decorated and Light Underpinning Conjugation Approach (ANADOLUCA) method and characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and zeta sizer. In the second step, the hydrolysis of pectin has been investigated using newly synthesized nano pectinase particles and free pectinase enzyme separately and compared to each other. The different conditions that affect the hydrolysis of pectin such as pH, thermal stability, storage stability and reusability have been investigated. Then, the activity of nanopectinase particles and free pectinase enzyme has been analyzed in terms of Michaelis- Menten parameters comparatively. In addition to these studies, the reusability data of nano pectinase particles has been showed a great potential as reusable catalyst when compared to free enzyme. So, the newly synthesized nano pectinase particles are very attractive for hydrolysis of pectin substances and they will have a great usage area in industrial process.

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