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Rhinopharyngeal Predictors of Snoring Among Adult African Patients

Rhinopharyngeal Predictors of Snoring Among Adult African Patients

Purpose: This study purposed to examine structural anomalies in the upper airways, predominantly nose and pharynx, among an adult African sample and to determine these anomalies as possible predictors of habitual snoring. Patients and Methods: Consecutive adult patients that attended an ENT clinic were recruited into the study. Information obtained included socio-demographics and Berlin questionnaire was used to obtain information about snoring. Results: Male patients constituted 56.4% of total of 195 study subjects; mean age was 43.5 ± 15.6 years (range 20-79 years). 92 (47.2%) of subjects had tertiary education, 116 (59.5%) were married. 25(12.9%) had BMI >30.0 (Mean ± SD; 24.1 ± 4.6 kg/m2). 36 patients (18.5%) were habitual snorers. Statistically significant differences were observed at p< 0.05 between non-habitual and habitual snorers in the nasal findings, namely structural abnormalities of nasal pyramid (5.0 Vs 16.7%) and engorgement of nasal turbinates (32.1 Vs 61.1%).

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