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Role of Barium Swallow and Multislice CT Scan in The Estimation of Oesophageal Tumour Length

Esophageal cancer is one of the common malignant tumors. Esophageal barium meal and esophageal endoscopy are effective methods of positioning and qualitative diagnosis of esophageal cancer. They'll observe the position, morphology and size of the lesion in muscular structure lumen. Chest laptop imaging has created up the deficiency that the standard muscular structure X-ray Barium meal examination will solely observe the lesions in muscular structure lumen. Domestic and international studies have shown that: the CT scan will show the connection of the gullet and adjacent mediastinal organs, tissues, and confirm the extent and scope of invasion of the growth, the encompassing and distant lymph gland metastasis, to produce additional data for clinical. so as to induce an additional analysis concerning the role of CT scanning in staging of muscular structure cancer, judgment whether or not operation and planning treatment regimens, we've got collected ninety seven muscular structure cancer cases in China-Japan Union Hospital throughout Dec 2010 to Dec 2011 and retrospectively analyzed with operative chest CT pictures, intraoperative state of affairs and surgical pathological. computerized tomography (CT) is usually recommended for initial imaging following confirmation of malignancy at pathologic analysis, primarily to rule out unresectable or distant pathological process illness. With the arrival of multidetector CT, use of skinny sections and multiplanar reformation permits additional correct staging of muscular structure cancer.

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