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Safety and Therapeutic Efficacy of Tolfenamic Acid in Poultry and, Animal in Bangladesh

Objectives: Drug safety and efficacy are the most important characteristics of a drug to be decided for the preventive and therapeutic purposes. A comprehensive research work of Tolfenamic acid has been investigated on poultry, pet, small and large animals before launching the drug in veterinary practices in Bangladesh. In this study, we have investigated the safety and therapeutic efficacy of Tolfenamic acid in poultry and animals.

Methods: Day old broiler chicks were collected, reared and on day 14; chicks were divided into three groups namely control, discriminate and indiscriminate group (n=30 each). The control group was left untreated, whereas, discriminate group was treated one week with Tolfenamic acid in drinking water (200 mg/2 L drinking water) followed by one week withdrawal period. On the other hand, indiscriminate group of chicks were not followed any withdrawal period. On the 28th day, random sampling of 15 birds was sacrificed from each group. On the basis of empirical and final diagnosis of diseases; patients having mastitis, pain, fever and stress condition have been treated with Tolfenamic acid (Tufnil (R) Vet Bolus).

Results: Physical condition, body weight and gross meat quality were not showed any remarkable differences among the groups; moreover, both discriminate and indiscriminate groups of broiler chicks were showed lucrative meat quality. Hematological analysis of Total Erythrocyte Count (TEC), Hemoglobin Content (Hb) and Packed Cell Volume (PCV) showed no significant differences among the groups. There were no significant differences of AST and ALT enzymes level both in treated and non-treated birds. TLC analysis demonstrated no Tolfenamic acid residue in liver, kidney, spleen, thigh muscle and breast muscle both in discriminate and indiscriminate birds respectively. Therapeutic efficacy of Tufnil (R) Vet Bolus was 75%, 85%, 92% and 80% in cow, calf, goat and cat respectively.

Conclusions: Tolfenamic acid is highly effective drug for stress and fever treatment and moderately effective drug for pain treatment. Judicious use of the drug has no adverse effects on body physiology and no residual hazards in edible soft tissues.

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