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Satisfaction Level According to the SADL in Patients with EAS Cochlear Implant

Background: Hearing Loss (HL) is one of the most common disorders that affects people. The positive impact of the use of cochlear implants in the lives of the hearing impaired is demonstrated in several studies.
Objective: Evaluate the level of satisfaction of patients undergoing hybrid crawl implant by applying the SADL questionnaire.
Methods: Clinical study including 14 patients implanted with the brand MED-EL FLEX EAS in a tertiary hospital in the last three years.
Results: Fourteen subjects were selected initially for the study, but only 13 reached all inclusion and exclusion criteria according to our methods. There are 5 males and 8 females patients. The average age of the patients, at the cochlear implant surgery moment, were 44.7 years old.
Conclusion: Positive effects were very high, with very low negative factors, costs or negative effects on personal image of the patients, indicating that cochlear implantation was very good for these patients.

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