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Screening of Monoclonal Antibodies for Cancer Treatment

With the rapid development of cancer treatment using monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), the screening process of suitable biologics and indications attracts much attention. A general definition of ‘screening’ in the biopharmaceutical industry includes three aspects: the appropriate biologics for the specific cancers, the appropriate indications for the specific biologics and the promising biologic candidates from the pool at the pre-clinical drug discovery stage. Effective screening strategies in the biopharmaceutical industry are crucial to accelerate the drug commercialization process and select the effective biologics for patients. The current status of commercial mAbs and the global pharmaceutical market was briefly reviewed. The mechanism of commercial mAbs and the indications, as well as the current technologies for mAbs screening in the new drug discovery and cell line development stages were systematically reviewed, with an aim as a beneficial reference for screening highquality mAbs, appropriate indications with efficient technologies.

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