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Semen Quality and its Implication for Posterity: A Review

Semen quality is a measure of the ability of semen to accomplish fertilization. Semen quality could either be of good or poor quality. Poor semen quality is a major factor in male infertility. Semen analysis evaluates certain characteristics of the male’s semen and spermatozoa contained therein; a procedure which has implication for posterity. Owing to the high variability of semen laboratory results as well as increase in cases of infertile couples as a result of the male factor; the importance of performing a comprehensive semen laboratory investigation for appropriate diagnosis and possible treatment of male infertility cannot be over-emphasized. Male infertility may be caused by pre-testicular causes, tobacco smoking, DNA damage, testicular factors, post-testicular causes and infectious disease causes; all have been implicated to affect semen quality negatively. 12.5% of couples experience infertility in their union elsewhere; in Nigeria, it is 25%. Various reports all over Nigeria implicated between 31.8-83.1% of male partners having poor semen qualities. The WHO guidelines for a comprehensive performance of seminal analysis either with the Manuel method or Computer – Assisted Semen Analysis technique using Sperm Quality Analyzer Visual (SQA-V) machine should be adhered to. As the characteristics of good quality semen are manifest; so are those with poor semen quality. Good quality semen enhances generational posterity. The effects of poor semen quality are enormous as it leads to infertility – generational discontinuity, a cut-down of the family tree. Infertility has been a source of pain, rejection, humiliation, sadness, anxiety and shame to a lot of infertile couples all over but especially in the African sub region. Although, infertility due to the male factor is here with us, observance of certain positive ways of life as well as seeking early medical attention by established infertile couples would bring smiles to many

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