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Serum Adiponectin Levels and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease by Gensini Score

Background: Ischemic heart disease is the most common cause of death all over the world; its rate is expected to be accelerated in the next decade. Adiponectin is a protein hormone that modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and acid oxidation.

Objective: To correlate serum levels of adiponectin and CAD severity assessed by Gensini score.

Subjects and methods: Ninety subjects were recruited from catheterization unit (36 subjects with normal coronary arteries and 54 patients with CAD) and they were subdivided into four groups according to the number of affected vessel. Their modified Gensini score was calculated according to the severity of coronary lesions. Blood samples were withdrawn to measure adiponectin levels.

Results: Adiponectin levels were lower in patients with CAD than those with normal coronary arteries group by a highly significant statistically value (P<0.001). A significant negative correlation was found between adiponectin levels and modified Gensini score (r= -0.903; P<0.001). Adiponectin levels were significantly lower in patients with multi-vessels disease compared to patients with twovessel disease and single-vessel disease.

Conclusion: Adiponectin levels are lower in patients with CAD in comparison to group without CAD. The lower the levels the more severe CAD will be. So, measurement of adiponectin levels may be helpful in risk stratification of patients with CAD.

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