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Short Note on HIV and AIDS

: Human immunological disorder virus may be a virus that attacks cells that assist the body fight infection, making someone a lot of at risk of alternative infections and diseases. It is unfold by contact with bound bodily fluids of someone with HIV, most typically throughout unprotected sex (sex while not contraceptive or HIV medication to stop or treat) or through sharing injection drug instrumentality. If left untreated, HIV will result in the illness AIDS (acquired immunological disorder syndrome). AIDS is that the last stage of HIV infection that happens once the body system is badly broken due to the virus. In the US most of the people with HIV don't develop AIDS as a result of taking HIV medication on a daily basis as prescribed stops the progression of the illness, while not HIV medication, individuals with AIDS generally survive concerning 3years .once somebody includes a dangerous timeserving wellness, life expectancy while not treatment falls to concerning 1year HIV medication will still facilitate individuals at this stage of HIV infection and it are often lifesaving.

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