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Should We Use Products Containing Chemical UV Absorbing Sunscreen Actives on Children?

The following short communication is not meant to definitively answer a specific question, but rather to initiate a conversation into simply understanding what chemicals we expose our children to on a daily basis and what impact it can have on their biological development. Sunscreen safety has recently been under question with numerous papers being published linking them to everything from general toxicity to endocrine disruption in a variety of species including humans. Additionally, a 2018 report from the American Cancer Society demonstrated that after 40 years of sunscreen use (1975-2014) melanoma has increased 4 fold in men and 3 fold in women. Many have speculated that the doses used in toxicology experiments are significant exaggerations of “normal use conditions”, however, this paper clearly demonstrates that the long-term exposure to sunscreens in children is not an exaggeration but equivalent to what has been reported in the literature

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