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Simple interrupted sutures without using multiple hemostats: Introducing a new technique and review of articles for different suture types in anastomosis of tracheal stenosis

Background: Tracheal stenosis may have congenital or acquired causes. Depending on the severity of the stenosis and its symptoms, the right treatment is selected. Sometimes resection of the stenotic segment and anastomosis of the two ends is the therapeutic option. There are several techniques for anastomosis.
Methods: In this article, while reviewing articles on how the sutures are used in the tracheal anastomosis, Adjusted method applied in this study is to use simple interrupted sutures without the use of multiple hemostats.
Results: An adapted and simplified suturing technique successfully implemented in 30 patients is described.
Conclusion: End-to-end anastomosis using “simple interrupted sutures without using multiple hemostats”, has minimal complexity and stress for the surgical group with similar results
Key words: Tracheal stenosis; Tracheal resection; End-to-End anastomosis; Tracheal suturing techniques

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