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Single Electron Localization and Tunneling in Weakly Coupled Quantum Dot Array

Electron localization and tunneling in quantum dot (QD) arrays are discussed in this paper. Various arrays of InAs/GaAs QDs are modelled as laterally distributed dots, using single sub-band effective mass approach with effective potential simulating the strain effect. Triple QDs (TQD) configured in triangle and in linear chain is considered. Electron localization in double quantum dot (DQD) and in TQD is studied over the entire electron energy spectrum by varying the geometry parameters of these QD arrays. The spectral distribution of localized and delocalized states appeared very sensitive to the violation of the mirror symmetry of the systems. The effect of adding a third dot to a DQD is also investigated. We show that the presence of a third dot increases the tunneling in the initial DQD

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