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Smart Home Application, design and implementation software-based human detection in residential protection systems

Motion Detection Software has been used in order to monitor the state of a specific place to detect and monitor if an object (both living and non-living) moves in front of the camera. It is common practice to equip homes or workplaces with CCTV cameras from previous years as the easiest way to capture the camera 24 hours a day. The video is stored and maintained by a DVR device. This method has disadvantages such as the high volume of recorded footage and the cost of maintaining these films, and if anything suspicious, such as robbery, occurs at an unknown hour of the night, the entire film needs to be examined to determine the moment of occurrence. In addition, if the robber's face is known then the police may arrest him for a few days later or he may never be able to arrest the robber. Any robbery or damage has occurred. By using the programming capabilities as Motion Detection Software , the camera is able to observe the desired environment, and if only the human being is exposed to the camera, it immediately performs four parallel tasks: First, take a picture of that scene and store it in the archive

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