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Social Enterprise business model to bring low cost hearing health to hundreds of millions of people

Hearing loss is a debilitating problem around the world. This loss causes significant communication impediments for children, creating large educational challenges. Many adults who lose their hearing lose their job. Seniors with hearing loss may become isolated from family conversations, which can lead to depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 650 million people have hearing loss, yet only 10 million aids are sold every year. Fewer than 2.5% of the global population needing a hearing aid can get one. Furthermore, there is a dearth of trained professionals to detect hearing loss, especially with babies and infants, which is a critical time of life for developing speech. Solar Ear has developed a low cost, holistic method to reduce hearing damage and reverse the burden of hearing loss at all ages. In order to accomplish the organization’s mission and goal, a mobile Android based holistic hearing health solution called mDREET (Detection, Research, Education, Equipment, and Therapy) has been developed. We will sell via micro-entrepreneurs, and to hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies and NGO’s in developing countries using a readily available Android Smartphone as the platform Solar Ear will be the first to implement and invent 5 diagnostic apps, which meets WHO medical protocols plus with key international distribution and technical partnerships in place – together create the solution to significantly reducing hearing loss for 160 million people in the next 10 years

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