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Standardization of Standard Size Chart (Female Size 6 to Size 18) with Secondary Sizes

The global apparel market is still categorized as source of low to medium and a quantity of fashion/fancy quality garment in the international apparel market which is an enormous challenge to sustain in the global fashion market for apparel manufacturers. It is enforced to standardize women’s sizing to convert tailoring garment as a ready-to-wear in view to the fact that ready-made garment manufacturers export massive percentage of women’s wear worldwide. There is no accepted method of standard sizing for global apparel market which may provide accurate dimensional garment. There is a common practice to delineate women’s bodies by conceptual size categories such as 10-12-14; there is little available argument of how these systems are formulated. This research provides a standard size chart with all possible secondary sizes which will provide all potential dimensional garments in our target markets. By using these types of charts we will provide all fashion and fancy items as a ready- to- wear. It will also convert all tailoring as ready- to- wear. The research suggests a model of standardized size chart with all possible secondary sizes for providing flawless dimensional garment for each apparel end user (women’s size 6 to 18).

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