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Story Of The Most Triggering Issue Of The Globe: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID โ€“ 19)

Currently, the world is experiencing the most treacherous and hazardous situation with a vulnerable crisis situation by a daredevil named 2019 Novel Coronavirus. The term “coronavirus” became ubiquitous, but its origin, its reservoir of transmission from animal to human, the antiviral vaccine to fight against this corona is yet anonymous. This seems to be quite daunting task for many researchers who are working on it because of the pathetic situation which it retained on us. Across the globe, its virulence and its outspread are proliferating rapidly. It is a respiratory syndrome, which causes breathing disorders and progressively taking away many lives till date. This coronavirus and its outcomes are abruptly enduring to live in pathetic situations with a peak stage of panic levels. Is it interested to know about this daredevil? Absolutely yes! This ongoing discussion will concisely narrate about its origin, history, outbreak effects, transmission, and mechanism of prognosis, diagnosis, treatment and some of its preventive measures.

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