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Structure and Genome Discovery of HIV Virus and Development of HIV-Protease Inhibitors

Profoundly dynamic antiretroviral treatment (HAART) is recognized as the foremost compelling treatment strategy for Helps, and protease inhibitors play an awfully imperative part in HAART. Be that as it may, destitute bioavailability and agonizing poisonous quality are their common drawbacks. Hence, the advancement of more secure and possibly promising protease inhibitors is energetically required. In this audit, we presented the chemical characteristics and related side impacts of HIV protease inhibitors, as well as the conceivable off-target components causing the side impacts. From the chemical structures of HIV protease inhibitors and their conceivable off-target particles, we seem get hints for optimizing the molecular selectivity of the inhibitors, to supply offer assistance within the plan of modern compounds with upgraded bioavailability and diminished side impacts.

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