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Studies on Degree of Isotropy and Physical Properties of Cross-Laid Needle Punched Sandwich Fabric

In this research study, the authors have been made an effort to investigate the tensile properties of needle punched cross-laid nonwoven polyester fabric along with woven fabric (Dhoti) in sandwich form i.e. woven fabric layer in between two nonwoven fabrics prepared by needle punching machine. Five types of fabric specimens have been studied, namely Nonwoven fabric, nonwoven-nonwoven double layer fabric, woven fabric, nonwovenwoven punched fabric and nonwoven-woven-nonwoven sandwich fabric for measuring the fabric areal density, air permeability, compression and resiliency, tensile properties and also analyzed nature of isotropy in terms of tenacity. Tensile properties of studied fabrics have been measured not only in machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD) but also at various angles (22.5⁰, 45⁰ and 67.5⁰) with respect to the width of fabric, in order to appraise degree of isotropy. Maximum strength observed to be more in CD then gradually reduces towards MD. Calculated data unveils that double layer nonwoven fabric exhibit maximum isotropy and woven fabric possess minimum degree of isotropy in respect of tenacity of fabrics.

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