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Study of the prevalence and risk factors of the parasite (Helminthes and Protozoa) amongst labors in Al Ain district

United Arab Emirates is a multicultural country and approximately 65% of the population are expatriates from low- and middle-income developing countries that have a high burden of intestinal parasitic infections (IPI). Aim: The primary aim is to estimate the prevalence of, and factors associated with IPI in an occupational sample of expatriates in Al-Ain. Methodology: This study utilized an observational analytical cross- sectional study and recruited a representative sample of expatriate employees. Participants completed a questionnaire; and provided a fresh stool sample. Fecal specimens were analyzed for a range of IPI species using microscopy, Ziehl???Neelsen stain and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques. Results: 25% of participants harbored intestinal parasites; 15% with protozoa, while 10% had helminths infection according to microscopy diagnosis. Higher incidents of protozoa and helminths infection were identified using PCR. Conclusion: IPI can be found in more than quarter of the survey population and this conclusion shed a light on the importance of this study in understanding the pattern of IPI infection and transmission in the UAE.

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